True Friends


Yesterday was my birthday, and man did I have fun. At first I was upset though because I was worried that I do not have enough friends, and that the ones that I did invite would not show. I have always had that fear, the one where no one likes me and I have zero friends. The whole day Ian kept telling me that it will be fine, the people who matter will show. I didn’t allow his message to sink in until an hour into going out. After listening to me express how sad I felt about all of this he said, “Do you need more friends?” The answer is no, I have few friends, but they are great ones. It does not really matter if you have hundreds of sort of friends, what would truly be sad is if you don’t have any true friends. Lucky for me I have several true friends. True friends that absolutely care about me. Friends that don’t like to see me sad, friends that really will do anything for me. I have the most amazing boyfriend, who really is the best of true friends ever. He took care of me after I got hit by the car this summer, he has been there through the times where I have been so stressed that I just cry constantly, most importantly Ian opens my eyes to how wonderful my life is and how great my friends are.
Through out elementary, middle and high school kids play the game of attempting to acquire the most friends they possibly can. It is a contest, a popularity contest, through out school. These attempts to acquire a large group of friends that don’t even have to be good friends sometimes continues into adulthood. Well this chica has decided to retire as a friend collector and will be enjoying the amazing friends she has already found. I recommend that you do the same thing.



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