Your Fairy Godmother isn’t Real


I feel like we are all waiting for someone or something to come along and change our lives for the better. The real kicker is that for most of us, we know exactly which direction we would like for our lives to turn. I am not saying that we all know exactly what we want to do for the rest of our lives, I mean come on that is a lot to ask for. What I mean is that a lot of us have a pretty good idea what we would want to change. Like, to look as good as we did in high school, to start eating healthier, to meet a someone that will take care of us, or to be able to fold like a human pretzel. Yet, we sit hoping, waiting, and wishing that we have a fairy godmother that will swoop in and make all our dreams come true. Why is it that we do this? I think that it is because we are to afraid to make the effort. What happens if we fall? Failure is a scary thing, it is easier to be content to live in misery than to strive for that brilliant happiness. I know this is true because I have a tendency to not even want to try something because I hate being bad at things. It took forever for my boyfriend to convince me to try to play pool. Forget the orbits that all my friends like to play with. It is scary to think that I may hit myself or someone else with it, and frustrating to know that I am bad at it. But, dreams are bigger than being a bomb-ass pool player. Dreams are what the deepest part of your soul desires. Isn’t it kind of cruel to not give your soul what it wants? Ok, so it probably doesn’t hurt to deny your soul that  tenth brownie that it is screaming for. But, how will you ever know if you will like something, or be brilliant at it if you never take that leap of faith. Failure hurts but it makes you stronger and more determined. Do you think that any legend just woke up one day and the first time they tried what ever they made their name with they were amazing at it? Nooooo…. happiness comes from your own efforts not your fairy godmothers! So get out there my little wild things and get yours!


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