Make it Fun


I went rollerskating with Sarah, her brothers and one of their friends yesterday. It was the youngest one’s health promotion event through his elementary school and obviously I jumped at the idea of being surrounded my a gazillion little kids. Even though, they are not my fav little germ storing machines.  I have been sick lately, you know the kind where you can not swallow your own spit. But, I really wanted to go. So, I promptly packed up my backpack and ditched the rest of Physics when Sarah reminded me of the plan. My professor was just babble in my head anyways by 3:30 on a Friday. We drove over to Sarah’s dad’s, wrangled the boys and we were on our way. I was beyond excited to skate. Why? Not really sure. I can rollerblade, rollerskating is really a whole different story. We made up a complicated story in case we were interviewed on how we were all related. Sarah is the mom, Ryan is the biological father, Noah is the father they grew up with and I am Sarah’s new lesbian lover. Obviously Sarah is a little bit of a slut. Once we all laced up our skates there really was not a whole lot to do besides laugh because none of us had a flying chimpanzee’s idea how to do this. Well, except Noah who brought his own blades so he was flying around the rink being all good and shit. I think that most people take being grown up much to serious. “Oh this is dumb, who wants to skate in a circle for hours on end?” I also think that I am not one of those people, my mom is a kid at heart for life and I believe I will be likely to follow in her footsteps. It was so fun to revert to being a kid, skating around holding hands with Sarah, singing and dancing while skating to the music…. watching the boys roller derby! Sure, Noah may have cut me off resulting in a fall that included a new rip in the knee of my pants and some ripped of scar issue. It is also true though that my smile did not disappear for a second. Why should it when you are having fun?
 Once I saw a bumper sticker that said something along the lines of “We don’t stop having fun because we are getting older, we get older because we stop having fun.” I think this is a very wise sticker. The only way I could stop doing childishly fun things is if I made an active effort to do so. Why would I? Who says you need to be serious as an adult? There is no fracking manual to growing up. Write your own, and for fuck sake, make it a fun one.

Just a typical day at Vic's

Rae is Wild



Just take the music in


Zombies on the loose




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  1. Great blog! So true what you said about getting old when we stop having fun. I know a few of my friends who look way older than their age, who, when asked what they did with their weekend, their typical reply is: Stayed home. If only I can scream, “get out and do something with your life!!!”

    Anyway, I also could not pass up the opportunity to tell ya what a great zombie pic you have there. Kudos!

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