Lesson of the Sink


Today I learned an important lesson. Sarah and I had the eye opening experience of our bathroom flooding. Our sink was leaking and we figured how hard can it be to fix it ourselves? We had our neighbor Matt up in the bathroom tinkering with the faucet and it starts a yo-yo between better and worse. Sarah goes “Oh good now it goes both ways, wouldn’t it be great if the water just shoots out”. Hahahahaaaa ya that would be great…. tinker, tinker. BOOOOOOOM!!

The Faucet post explosion

Now the devil water is bursting out of the hot water handle and Matt puts his hand over it. Next thing we know we are throwing towels over it so it is not doing an impression of Old Faithful any more. Sarah is screaming “Oh shit, we are fucked” Matt is trying to figure out how to turn the water off with out being burnt by the water and I am remaining rational. “Sarah, go downstairs call someone to make this all stop, we can fix it.” The hot water eventually runs out and Matt gets the water off. Moments later, we have mopped up all the water with our entire store of towels and a dustpan. Sarah changes her shirt, yet still has wet boob spots. I look as though I am Jane of the Tarzan variety, even though I took the time to blow dry my hair my hair is huge and curly. Then there is Matt, poor Matt, he looks like he showered in his clothing and his hand has a huge round blister from his fast thinking. I can honestly tell you that I kind of had fun. How much more excitement can you ask for in the bathroom? I think that it is important I had fun. The thing is that the situation was not the best, we spent the night mopping up water and doing laundry. But, you have to find the good in every situation. Otherwise you are just left with a bad taste in your mouth. It is the same with life in general, you have to find the good in it. You can go through it feeling bitter about everything that is bad that comes your way, or you can find the pleasure in it. I choose pleasure!

Our lovely pile of mop towels


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